Out of state shipping- Unfortunately that is not something we can offer right now as the law does not allow us to ship outside of Pennsylvania or DC.

Shipping- All orders are shipped via UPS ground with adult signature required. Average delivery time is 2-3 days. Adult signature required means UPS will try to deliver to you three times and then return the shipment to us. We suggest shipping to where you will be during the day ( IE; place of work, home, etc). After receiving your tracking number from us you can also have the package held at your local UPS center to be picked up. 

Handling: We package and shop orders Wednesday-Saturday. We are closed Monday-Tuesday. 

Returns- We cannot accept returns as the packages we ship are for human consumption and we cannot risk any type of tampering. 

Refunds- Generally are not offered but if something goes wrong with your order let us know and we'll bend over backwards to make it right. 

Visiting Mason Dixon Distillery- Please come see us! In addition to being a distillery we are also a full service restaurant and our food is every bit as tasty as our drinks.

Boxtails- We make some  really tasty cocktails with our own liquor and we've gone as far as to package a few of them. Boxtails come fully mixed and ready to drink. We also add a touch of natural preservative to them so they have great shelf life. Boxtails, to the best of our knowledge, wasn't a word before we coined the term, but after trying one we think it will become a regular word in your vocabulary too!

Availabilty- As of right now the only places to get our spirits are at our distillery in Gettysburg and this website and our web inventory is updated weekly.