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Mason Dixon Distillery Private Barrel Experience.

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Okay so here it is, our first ever private barrel opportunity. I've got over 70 different barrels of spirits aging that are 5 or 10 gallon barrels. The majority of the barrels are at least 2 years old. The majority of the barrels are either bourbon or rye whiskey. There are also several different mashbills  within those spirit categories.

The experience will be for small groups of 6 or less and will include (Groups larger than 6 people will be charged $25 per additional person.): 

-Something for us to eat while we taste barrels. I might cook, or my chef might cook, either way we are having a meal together. 

- An average of 4 hours of  experience where we talk, eat, sample barrels, choose a barrel (or barrels) and then label and bottle the spirit. You will go home with your liquor on the same day as your experience. 

-A hat for each person in attendance. (we're working on designing these now) This hat will show that your a member of the private barrel club and will not be sale to anybody else. You have to buy a barrel to get one. 

- Your choice of custom MDD rocks glasses or nosing glasses

-Labels on the bottles will be our normal labels for the type of spirit you pick. You will get to put your own initials on your bottle and give your own batch number (or name)

-Custom labels can be made but they will add some cost and a considerable amount of time. (If you really want custom labels I suggest getting them made on your own and then applying after the event, i can even provide empty blank bottles so you don't have to peel ours off. If I get them made and apply them I would have to go through the process of getting it approved by the feds. Its a pain in the butt and can take a very long time)

Cost- $500 deposit (plus tax) to hold your spot which is applied towards  the experience portion ($200) and $50 per bottle at barrel proof (we'll measure the whiskey before we bottle). There is no extra charge if we decided to proof down the spirit and in turn get more bottles.  Remainder of payment will be made at the end of our time together and we will accept cash or credit card.

-5 gallon barrels will average a total cost of $1,200 dollars (plus tax) and yield an average of 20 bottles. 10 gallon barrels will have an average cost of $2,200 (plus tax) and yield an average of 40 bottles. (cost will change slightly based on total number of bottles the barrel yields. 

-You will be able to keep the barrel your whiskey came out of if you want to keep it. 

Your private barrel experience will be scheduled after down payment is received. I will be scheduling them in the order that the down payments are received. Experiences will only be booked during times MDD is normally closed. Currently those times would be Sunday evenings, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  Your group, myself and maybe a member or two of my staff will be the only people in the building. This is going to be the best possible private tour you could have anywhere.

I am starting off with only making 15 of these experiences available. More experiences may become available at a future date. 


*Please respond to your order confirmation email with your telephone number so I can personally call you back and set everything up with you*